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Texas Luau
Kids of Dallas:
Night of Super Stars!
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In Honor of Dennis Dillinger

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Texas Luau
Jun 23 2009

My name is Victoria Levine and I have lived in the Dallas area for over twenty years. My passion to help children in the darkest of circumstances has brought me to you. Growing up near Mexico's Tijuana border made a big impression on me and my feelings about less fortunate children, thus driving my desire to help them. A few years ago, a client and dear friend of mine, was diagnosed with terminal cancer during the pregnancy of her ninth child. Although, I could not save her, I felt I had to do something. Together, with a friend, we hosted a fundraiser that was a great success and drew national media attention. 
In my family, hosting a luau has been an amazing tradition passed through several generations. I now see the Texas Luau as an opportunity to incorporate my passion and desire to help neglected and abused children locally by teaming with Supporters of Children's Charities (SCC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1995. The mission of SCC is to enrich the lives of children "at-risk" by providing both financial and volunteer assistance to programs, events and organizations throughout the community that support our cause. With a passionate and motivated support team and structured organization that can maximize our potential, we cannot only raise funds, but create awareness for imperiled children through the promotion of our event. The need is crucial and together we are determined to make a difference.

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