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Texas Luau
Kids of Dallas:
Night of Super Stars!
Date TBA
In Honor of Dennis Dillinger

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Kids of Dallas:
Night of Super Stars!
Date TBA
Location: Studio Movie Grill

Supporters of Children’s Charities

 in conjunction with

Studio Movie Grill

Present the 3rd Annual

Kids of Dallas: Night of Superstars!

Most, if not all, of us have been inspired by celebrities we’ve seen on television, in the movies, on stage, on the playing field, in the arena, on the court...  Celebrities who inspire us most are generally those who display the highest levels of motivation, beauty, strength, and/or courage.  Often, our greatest inspiration comes from the personal stories of those who have overcome incredible challenges throughout his/her lifetime to achieve goals most would render unattainable.  And these are the ones we feel deserve even greater celebration.  To honor them, we hold elaborate awards ceremonies; build Halls of Fame; immortalize them in statues/monuments, name buildings, highways, and parks after them, etc.

Although deserving of such honors, could it be that the media and we, the majority, continue to overlook many of what could be the greatest inspirational stories of our time?  Could it be that many of those who are most deserving of our celebrations are going unrecognized?

Due to life-threatening illnesses, incurable diseases and unfortunate accidents, countless children face a life of unimaginable challenges.  Even the simplest of the challenges these children face on a day-to-day basis would make our worst days seem sadly insignificant in comparison.  The consistent strength, courage and motivation of these kids to overcome these daily challenges have and will continue to serve as a prodigious inspiration and blessing to every life they touch.  So now it is their time to receive the long overdue celebration and honors for their contributions to our lives!

Please join us for this red carpet event and awards ceremony filled with limousines, guest appearances by media and sports celebrities, elegant dresses, and great entertainment as we honor these special kids for their achievements and continuing to serve as an inspiration to each of us. 

Of course, no celebrity actually would feel like a celebrity without a mob of adoring fans taking pictures and asking for his/her autograph.  So please bring your camera, camcorder, pen and paper and help make these kids realize what SUPERSTARS they are!

Studio Movie Grill
11170 N Central Epwy
Dallas, TX (view map)

Date: TBD 
Doors Open: 6:00p
Kids of Dallas Arrive/Red Carpet: 6:30p
Awards Presentation: 6:45p – 7:45p
Movie: Following Reception (Movie Title & Time dependent upon industry scheduling)

Attire: Cocktail requested / Jackets required
This is an amazing event for all ages to experience.  So please feel free to bring your children.

General Ticket Price: $20 in advance online and $25 at the door.  Click here for more ticket information and to purchase tickets.  Click here to purchase tickets only.
For more information, please feel free to email Greg Johnson at gjohnson@marcusmillichap.com) or  call him at 214.714.2450

More Photos: Click Here to view album

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